Provisional homepage

Due to a cyberattack on the University of Duisburg-Essen neither the website of my research group nor my personal homepage is currently available.

How to reach us

Some of the members of my research group can be provisionally reached as follows:
  • Prof. Klaus Hornberger
    +49 203 37-94750
  • PD Dr. Benjamin Sticker
    +49 203 37-94753
  • Sabine Christ [Office Manager]
    +49 203 37-94751
  • Lukas Martinetz
    +49 203 37-94754
  • Jonas Schäfer
    +49 203 37-94751
  • Henning Rudolph
    +49 203 37-91933
Alternatively, we can be reached by snail mail, or you just drop by (rooms MG 481-489):
  • Prof. Klaus Hornberger,
    Faculty of Physics, University of Duisburg-Essen
    Lotharstraße 1-21
    47048 Duisburg, Germany
Currently, our our research activities are somewhat limited and there is no telling of how long it will take. I shall do my best to honor commitments regarding evaluation reports for other universities and funding agencies. I may not be able to send referee reports for journal articles in time, though.

Most of my research works can be found via Google Scholar.